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Highly Effective Electrical Weld Cleaner

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Electrical Weld Cleaners

Are you tired of having to clean your stainless steel weld, only to have rust form on it within a couple of days?  Then you the Capital Electric Welder Cleaner.  In a few minutes, this machine will not only remove the burn marks on your weld but will also passive the weld as well.

Passivation occurs when an ultra-thin chromium oxide layer forms on the surface of the stainless, thereby making it passive.  When you break the surface of the stainless, the underlying metal is exposed and is vulnerable to rust contamination.  Over time, however, stainless will "heal" itself and the chromium oxide layer will reform naturally.

However, contaminants from the grinding/cutting tools as well as a dirty shop air can result in iron particles settling on the surface of the stainless.  If these particles are not removed, it can prevent the chromium oxide layer from forming and will result in the stainless "rusting".

By passivating the stainless, you will remove these microscopic particles and allow the stainless to form the chromium oxide layer, thereby protecting it from rust.