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Metal Bending & Folding Services

  • Metal Bending
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Not only can M&K Metal Co. cut your metal sheets to size, we can also bend the metal as well. With our two 12 foot long press brakes, we have the capabilities for bending metal from 1/32 to ½” thick, in a variety of shapes and quantities. If you need one custom table top made out of stainless sheet or commercial metal forming of copper sheets to make 500 feet of roof flashing, we can do both.

When metal is bent, we use a punch and a die. The punch and die are shaped in such a way that when placed together, their cavity is the shape that you want your finished product to have. Metal is placed between them, and hydraulic cylinders put exert anywhere between 35 – 250 tons of pressure. This pressure forces the metal to conform to the shape of the die and voila, the metal is bent. Multiple bends can be made on the sheet to form different shapes.

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