Aluminum 5052 Sheet

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5052-h32 aluminum alloy is a high strength, non-heat treatable metal material that contains magnesium as its added character element. However, aluminum 5052-h32 also contains small amounts of chromium, silicon, iron, copper, manganese and zinc to add additional strength to the aluminum base product. This corrosion resistant product also provides excellent weldability and cold-working capabilities, which makes it suitable for numerous applications.
Additionally, aluminum 5052-h32 possesses outstanding corrosion resistance, especially to salt water, and can be easily welded. Its high fatigue strength makes it an excellent selection for structures that need to withstand excessive vibrations. It also provides good workability, making it very useful in forming operations. However, this product is only rated as fair in terms of machinability, so it is advised to only machine it in certain situations.
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Aluminum 5052-h32 for Extreme Corrosion Resistance

Since corrosion resistant 5052 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum sheet provides a light weight, high strength and attractive finish, it is perfectly suited for a wide range of marine applications including ship building, fuel tank assembly and oil line manufacturing. Some of the other applications that benefit from the corrosion resistant nature of 5052-h32 aluminum sheet and plate, include:
  • Food processing equipment
  • Walkways
  • Enclosures
  • High strength sheet metal work
  • Truck trailers
  • Medical equipment
  • Fencing
  • Marine flooring
  • And more
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Coldworking 5052-h32 Aluminum Plate & Sheet

Aluminum 5052-h32 cannot be hardened by heat treatment. However, it can be significantly hardened through coldworking processes, such as cold rolling. Aluminum alloy 5052-h32 spontaneously age-softens at room temperature immediately after cold work. All aluminum alloy sheet products are supplied with stable properties. These properties are achieved through an advanced stabilization thermal treatment process.

Comparing Aluminum 3003 & Aluminum 5052-h32

When comparing aluminum 3003 and 5052-h32 it is important to remember that both aluminum alloys provide their own unique benefits depending on their applicable uses. In short, aluminum 5052-h32 sheet and plate is stronger than 3003 and provides increased corrosion resistance in highly corrosive environments, such as marine applications. However, aluminum 3003 is less expensive than 5052 and is probably the better choice for applications that require less strength and corrosion resistance.

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