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At M&K Metal, we stock a multitude of different types of metals, and because we have the ability to laser, waterjet, shear, saw, and bend as well, we have all the necessary components to turn around your ideas into prototypes.  Although we do not do any cnc machining, we can help take your sheet metal designs and turn them into actual parts.

CNC Prototyping Benefits

Our metal prototyping services offer many unique benefits for your CNC prototyping needs, including:
  • Speed – M&K Metals provides the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Our extremely quick and accurate CNC prototyping machinists provide the speed your company needs to flourish.
  • Capacity - We stock one of the largest inventories of steel, stainless, galvanized brass, copper, and aluminum in Los Angeles. And, with our four bandsaws, three hydraulic shears, two press brakes, and Hy-Definition CNC plasma cutter, we can provide CNC prototyping services quicker than just about any other metal distributor in the area.

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