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M&K Metal Co. provides full-service metal processing. With state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced, highly skilled staff, we deliver finished metal parts and components that meet your specifications. Our ability to work on everything from large orders to one-off parts makes us one of the most versatile metal processing companies in the Los Angeles area. Some of the more common prototyping problems that our customers come to us with, include:
  • Excessive development time - When the end user is asked to evaluate a prototype and provide feedback there is a risk that they will be forever wanting to tweak the product, thus leading to delays in development.
  • User confusion - Sometimes features appear in a prototype which are then removed from the final system. Users can become confused or disappointed with the final product if it differs greatly from the prototype.
  • Prototyping expense - Building a prototype costs money in terms of development time and possibly hardware.
  • Excessive focus on one part of the product - When a lot of time is spent on one specific part of the prototype, other parts of the product might end up being neglected.
  • Increased development time - The end user might start to ask for features to be included which were never in the original user requirements specification. This can lead to increased development time and costs.

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