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Because we provide services and materials to essential service providers such as hospitals, city maintenance crews, construction, and public service providers, we will continue to open during the following hours:

New Hours

We are open five days a week Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

Sat hours are 8:00am - 12:00pm.

Although we at M&K are not a custom fabrication shop, we do have the equipment to processes your metal. Call us today at 800-870-6382 to discuss your needs.


Laser Cutting: Sheet & Plates

We also offer Laser Processing on our 4000 watt 5ft x 10ft Fiber Laser. Unlike CO2 which have a wavelength of about 10 micrometers, fiber lasers have a wavelength that is 1/10 that length (1.064 micrometers) and therefore, produces a beam that is smaller with a higher intensity than it's counterpart.

Fiber lasers have ability to cut a wide assortment of metals including:  steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, and even copper. In addition, our software allows us to nest your design in order to maximize the number of parts within the same sheet, which ultimately results in lowering your cost per part.

Metal Bending:

Not only can we cut your metal sheets to size, but we can bend the metal as well. With our two 12 foot long press brakes, we have the capability of bending metal from 1/32 to ½” thick, in a variety of shapes and quantities. If you need one custom table top made out of a stainless sheet or need commercial metal forming of copper sheets to make 500 feet of roof flashing, we can do both. We call us for more information as to our metal bending capabilities.

CNC Plasma Cutting:

Plasma cutters work by sending an electric arc through a gas. This elevates the temperature of the gas to the point that it enters a 4th state of matter. We all are familiar with the first three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. Scientists call this 4th state “plasma”. When the gas reaches the plasma state, electricity can move through it without any resistance. As the metal being cut is part of the circuit, the electrical conductivity of the plasma causes the arc to transfer to the work. For a detailed explanation of how plasmas cutting works, go to www.axisplasma.com.

Our Hypertherm Hy-Def plasma cutting can go through 1.5" thick steel, 1" thick stainless steel and .750” thick aluminum. With the Hy-Def CNC plasma, you can get almost any shaped parts that is accurate to approximately +/-.060, at a cost that is far cheaper than water-jet or laser. In addition, our nesting program will automatically condense your parts into the tightest space possible, further reducing your costs.

Metal Sawing:

We have 4 Amada band saws that can cut 1 or 1000 pieces to length. For example, if you needed 600 pieces of DOM Tubing cut to size, our band saws will cut each piece to a tolerance of +/- 1/32”. Each band saw has automatic indexing to ensure that all your parts will come out the same length. In other words, when we saw metal, we can make sure that all the parts come out the same, saving you time. We also have a CNC precision aluminum plate saw that can saw cut aluminum plate blanks to your exact sizes, thereby saving you machine time.

Metal Shearing:

With our three Amada shears, we can take care of all your metal shearing needs. Two of our shears can cut metal up to 10 ft. long and our other shear can cut 12 ft. lengths. We can shear metal as thin as 1/32” thick to thickness up to ½”.

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