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In grade school, my science teacher taught me that there are three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. We all know that at cold temperatures, water turns to ice. When heat is added, the ice melts and it turns into a liquid. When we add more heat, the water vaporizes and turns into gas. Voila! We’ve shown the three states of water and would receive full credit on the test.

However, if we add more energy to a gas, the gas will become ionized and electrically conductive. Electrically conductive ionized gas is called plasma, which is sometimes referred to as the fourth state of matter. 

Carefully controlled plasma is a fast and effective metal processing tool. With our high-definition plasma cutting machine, we can cut practically any two-dimensional part shape you require. If you need a variety of parts, our CNC controller with automatic nesting will arrange your parts to maximize yield, minimize material usage and scrap, and reduce your overall costs. For more information on Plasma Cutting, watch this video. Or call us today at 310-327-9011 to discuss your plasma cutting needs.

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We can UPS or USPS small parts and prototypes to you so please send us your drawings or a Request a quote for all your plasma cutting needs.  Or, contact us for more information. 

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