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If you’ve ever visited the Grand Canyon, you know that, given enough time, water and sand can erode through virtually anything. This same process forms the basis of waterjet cutting technology, but instead of waiting thousands of years for erosion to take place naturally, 60,000 psi of high pressure water and powdered garnet are combined to form a thin stream of “high speed liquid sand” that instantly cuts metal materials into whatever shape you require.

Our 6’ x 13’ Flow Waterjet machine offers two distinct advantages over other metal processing methods. First, waterjet is a cold cutting process and, therefore, doesn’t create a heat affected zone (HAZ) on the metal being cut. And HAZ is bad because: 1) it could alter the chemical and mechanical properties of the metal; and 2) it usually causes the material to bend or otherwise distort, especially materials like stainless steel. Second, the waterjet can cut through virtually any material from 0.024” to 2” thick. Materials that we can effectively cut with our waterjet system are not limited to metals, and include:

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