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Shearing works by placing a large amount of force perpendicular to the sheet metal you wish to cut. The metal tears along the shearing edge, creating a highly accurate, clean edge. Many welders prefer working with a sheared edge over an edge that has been plasma cut because plasma cutters can create a carbon film at the cut edge—something you won’t find on a sheared edge.

One drawback of shearing is the stress that it puts on the material. Because of the massive amount of force the process requires, shearing often causes thicker materials to bow. Overall, shearing works best for relatively thin materials (1/8” thickness or less) that require clean, straight lines.

With our three Amada shears, we can take care of all your metal shearing needs. Two of our shears can cut metal up to 10’ long; our third shear can cut up to 12’ lengths. We can shear metal as thin as 1/32” and as thick as 1/2”.

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