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If you’ve ever seen a saw up close, you may have noticed that the teeth look like very small chisels. They move either in a circular motion or back and forth to remove material in their path. For many applications, such as cutting bar stock to length, metal sawing is the fastest and least metal processing method available. And, unlike shearing, saw cutting doesn’t cause surface deformation. In other words, saw cutting doesn’t “stress” the material, an unfortunate side effect that can cause the material to bow or deflect.

M&K Metals uses four Amada band saws that can cut one or 1,000 pieces to length. If you need 600 pieces of solid aluminum grade 6061-T6, or brass bar stock, or DOM tubing, or any “off the shelf” metal material cut to a certain length, our band saws can cut metal pieces within tolerances of ± 1/32”. When we saw metal, we can make sure that all the parts come out the same, saving you time. We also utilize a CNC-operated aluminum plate saw that can precision cut aluminum plate blanks to the exact size(s) you need, reducing metal processing time.

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