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For those who never seen black threaded steel, it basically looks like a screw with the head. As a helpful hint when measuring threaded steel, you will need to know the diameter and the number of threads per inch.

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Threaded Steel Applications

All threaded zinc steel is used in virtually any construction fastening application. They are used with a nut on each end and for fastening wood, steel, and other types of construction materials. Specific all-thread steel  applications include:
  • Epoxy Anchors - When anchor bolts are needed in pre-existing concrete, a hole is drilled into the concrete, then the hole is filled with epoxy and a piece of all-thread steel is placed in the hole.  Once the epoxy bonds with the threads on the threaded steel, it provides pullout resistance, allowing the rod to act as an anchor bolt.
  • Extenders - Sometimes anchor bolts are set too low, and when this occurs, the easiest fix is to extend the anchor bolt with a coupling nut and piece of black threaded steel.  This allows the contractor to extend the threads of the existing anchor bolt and properly tighten the nut.
  • Anchor Bolts - All threaded zinc steel is often used as an anchor bolt.  They are embedded in concrete and provide pull out resistance with their fully threaded bodies, along with the help of a nut, or nut and plate combination. 
  • Double Arming Bolts – Threaded steel is also commonly used within double arming bolts, which are used to secure one cross arm on each side of a wooden utility pole.  The advantage of using black threaded steel in this application is to allow for maximum adjustment for the cross arms on the poles which can vary depending on several factors.

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